Its Me : Putri Pariwisata Indonesia 2018 DKI 4 – Deyna



Nama Lengkap: Deyna Talenty Evania
Nama panggilan: Deyna
Tempat / tanggal lahir: Jakarta / 21 Desember 1993
Umur & Tinggi Badan: 24tahun & 168cm
Pekerjaan / pendidikan: Karyawan Swasta / S1 Interior Design
Hobby: Travelling, photography & arts
Motto: Theres no such thing as happy if we cant keep ourselves healthy.
1. Wakil 1 None Jakarta Barat 2017.
2. Abang None DKI Jakarta 2017.
3. Lulusan Terbaik Jurusan Interior Universitas Trisakti 2017.

1. Ceritakan tentang diri anda secara singkat?
Helpful, cheerful and grateful. That one point when we give help cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.

2. Siapa sosok yang paling menginspirasi bagi anda? Jelaskan!
Najwa Shihab, she’s humble, intelligent and always takecare of her family. Also she know exactly how to control other people’s emotions. As a grown woman, I learn a lot by watching her.

3. Apa menu healthy food yang menjadi favorite anda?
Gado-gado of course! I wouldn’t say no to that.

4. Sebutkan salah satu olahraga favorit anda dan kenapa anda memilih olahraga tersebut?
Swimming. I took my first swimming lesson at 5 and from then I found my happiness. Swimming shows you first-hand that when you master the process you master the goal.



5. Siapa pelaku pageant favorit anda dan mengapa?
Kezia Warouw (Puteri Indonesia 2016 dan top 13 Miss Universe 2016), she has a true beauty from inside with a very good attitude.

6. Destinasi wisata mana di Indonesia dan internasional yang ingin anda kunjungi dalam waktu dekat ini? Kenapa anda memilih destinasi tersebut.
Tanjung Bira, one of the famous sandy beach in South Sulawesi. I’ve been to South Sulawesi but never been to Bira. This one is on my bucket list since last year because the charm is more tempting with the natural panorama in the maritime tropical beach, which will amaze everyone who comes to see it.

7. Seperti apa anda melihat diri anda dalam 10 tahun kedepan?
Having a lot of new experiences will help my process for being better and I believe that 10 years from now I will see a better version of myself, who can identify and creatively resolve issues which is qualified through education and experience.

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