Indonesia Favorit Winner for Miss Tourism Queen International 2018

Portal pageants ternama, Global Beauties merilis 15 kandidat yang berpeluang meraih title Miss Tourism Queen International 2018.

Meliput langsung karantina selama satu pekan lebih dari proses registrasi sampai kunjungan keberbagai sponsor, malam bakat, welcome dinner, lelang cenderamata, prejudging dan rehearsal.

Nama Indonesia masuk dalam daftar favorit meraih mahkota berwarna merah dan silver. Global Beauties menempatkan nama Indonesia di posisi ketiga.

“Indonesia was a darling of the media throughout the competition and also has (like most other Indonesia beauty queens) huge support from pageant fans in her country. Her photo for Miss Photogenic was shared an incredible 6,836 times. As a tourism ambassador for her own country and the host country, she will do very well. Throughout this pageant, her hair, makeup and styling were on point. She was chosen by the Holiday Inn Rayong as one of the delegates who promoted their hotel the best. She also has a great personality and kind heart, bringing almost 20 kg of souvenirs from Indonesia for everyone”

Indonesia mengirim dua perwakilannya, Revindia Carina mewakili Indonesia dan Katherine Permatasari mewakili Bali. Miss Tourism Queen International dari sejak awal diadakan sudah membolehkan setiap negara mengirim lebih dari satu perwakilannya.

Berikut 15 negara favorit Global Beauties yang berpeluang meraih gelar dan mahkota Miss Tourism Queen International 2018. Malam finalnya akan berlangsung hari ini Rabu, 16 Mei 2018.

1. Belgium
2. Brazil
3. Indonesia
4. Thailand
5. Australia
6. Denmark
7. Dominican Republic
8. Japan
9. Mexico
10. Philippines
11. South Africa
12. Bolivia
13. France
14. Romania
15. New Zealand

Penulis : Irwansyah
Editor : Lauwardy