It’s Me: Finalis Miss Earth Indonesia 2018 – Vivian

Nama Lengkap: Vivian Jo
Nama panggilan: Vivian
Tempat / tanggal lahir: Jakarta / 24 September 1996
Umur & Tinggi Badan: 21 & 168cm
Pekerjaan / pendidikan: Entrepreneur / Fashion Business Graduate
Hobby: Dance and Sports
Motto: ‘Ora et Labora’ – Do your best and let God do the rest. Do not fear of failure and always be grateful.
Prestasi: –
• Juara 1 SD kelas 3 – 6
• Bendahara Gandhi kelar 7-10
Participant in North Jakarta Mathematics Olympiad 2008
• 1st Winner Basket Competition Gandhi in 2009
• 1st Winner Running Competition at Gandhi School 2009
• Token appreciation of Honesty in 2009
• 3rd Winner Casual Category Fashion Show Gandhi in 2010
• 3rd Winner 1 Gothic Category Fashion Show Gandhi in 2010
• Jury at Modeling Competition Gandhi School in 2011
• Fashion Show Model by John Robert Power in 2011
• Leading Role for Musical Drama Show by John Robert Power in 2012
• Fashion Fitter at Etnonesia Event PIM2 in 2013
• Fashion Stylist and Model at Fashion Exchange Competition in 2013
• Jury at Modeling Competition Gandhi School in 2014
• Fashion Show Model Raffles Event in 2014
• Independence Day Fashion Show Model bersama pemenang Miss Indonesia in 2017
• Featured in Dimsum Martabak the movie 2018
1. Ceritakan tentang diri anda secara singkat?
My name is Vivian Jo, born in 1996 and I am a CEO of a fashion manufacturing company, which I started few years ago. Fashion has always been my interest, creating new trends for Indonesian Women to enchase their beauty through what they wear, allows me to express talents. 
I am passionate to promote environmental awareness, and that is the biggest reason why I feel that I belong to this pageant. My dream is to have a foundation that creates awareness and campaigns about how to make this planet a better home. Educating societies about the impacts if the Earth is not to be taken care of.
If I were to be given the honour to win Miss Earth 2019, I would have more opportunities to have my voice being heard. As the Earth’s Ambassador, I would encourage government, entrepreneurs, medias, and the millennials to promote environmental awareness through efforts, financials, and encouragements. 
2. Siapa sosok yang paling menginspirasi bagi anda ? Jelaskan!
My role model has always been my mother. She is both housewife and career woman. Anyone can see her as a very kind and loving figure of a woman, through her way of taking care of the family and her employees. At the same time, she is a very discipline but supportive mentor that has brought me where I am today.
3. Apa menu healthy food yang menjadi favorite anda?
Pan-seared salmon with a little squashed of lemon, vegetables and fruits, especially that contains vitamin c. Salmon is not only low in fat, but also high in protein and Omega3. 
4. Sebutkan salah satu olahraga favorit anda dan kenapa anda memilih olahraga tersebut
One of my favourite sports is basketball, in which I have been playing since junior high. Basketball is all about teamwork, which defines that true success, is reached together, not alone. It also teaches us how to obey the rules, improve tactical strategies, and hit our target accurately.
5. Siapa pelaku pageant favorit anda dan mengapa ?
Karen Ibasco (Miss Earth 2017). I remember when she was asked ‘Who/What is the Enemy of Mother Earth?”
She replied: “The real problem is not climate change, but the real problem is people’s ignorance/apathy. What we have to do is redirecting our steps together because our micro efforts will have macro effect to help safe our home, our planet.”
I personally was amazed with the very simple answer that contains with a very deep meaning behind it. She is a very beautiful woman inside-out, a very humble, kind, and loving woman. And most importantly, she is very wise. Her answer shows how we women have great power in changing the planet.
6. Destinasi wisata mana di Indonesia dan internasional yang ingin anda kunjungi dalam waktu dekat ini? Kenapa anda memilih destinasi tersebut.
I would love to go to Borneo. Borneo is much likely famous about their various flora and fauna. But sadly, many species of their flora and fauna are almost extinct; such as Borneo’s orang utan, Enggang bird, Red Cat, Kesturi mangoes, and chalk trees. 
I want to invite the local community to preserve the assets of Borneo’s flora and fauna together.
For overseas, i really like to visit Singapore. Because Singapore pertained to be one of the country that rarely have floods issues, I would love to learn how Singapore tackle the problem of flood and hope we can apply it in our beloved country, Indonesia
7. Menurut anda, apa masalah lingkungan terbesar di Indonesia sekarang ?
One of greatest environmental problems in Indonesia is that we have large-scale of deforestation (especially in Western Indonesia), and most of them are even illegals. This is due to high population and rapid industrialization, with a very minimum educational level of how to take care of the Earth. Societies are not aware of Sustainable Development, causing Indonesia to positions itself as the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Threatening over 140 species of mammals such as Sumatran Orang Utan.
8. Seperti apa anda melihat diri anda dalam 10 tahun kedepan?
I see myself as a more mature, wiser, and more settled woman who has made a significantly positive impact to this country. A woman who has inspired many other women to keep creating values for the societies. A loving and supportive wife to her husband. And a mother who focuses more in passing the true values and philosophies to her children.

Terima kasih Vivian dan Yayasan El John Indonesia atas kesempatan wawancaranya.

Editor: Araz Raziman