It’s Me Manhunt Indonesia 2018 – Ven

Nama Lengkap: Puvenraj Gunasekaran
Nama panggilan: Ven
Tempat / tanggal lahir: Penang / 25th July 1991
Umur & Tinggi Badan: 27 tahun / 180cm
Pekerjaan / pendidikan: Medical Intern , S.Ked
Hobby: Reading novel and coffee hunting
Motto: “ISHA”
I = Interlectual
S = Simplicity
H = Humble
A = Aim
1.Penang State Public Speaking Champion 2011
2.Penang State Entomology Study Presentation Champion 2012
3.Public Speaking National Champion 2012
4. Tokoh Pelajar 2011
5. Best Camper of the Year English Camp
6.Duta Pariwisata
Fakultas Kedokteran UNPAD 2016
7.Anggota Penelitian Departmen Hematologi khusus Anak Thalassemia Jawa Barat. Fakultas Kedoketoran Unpad dan Rumah Sakit Provinsi Hasan Sadikin = Bandung.
8.Manhunt Dki Jakarta 1 2018

1. Ceritakan tentang diri anda secara singkat?
Critical and analytical thinker based on sources available and to the norm and reality of life. Loves arts and sports as well as adventerous activity.

2. Siapa sosok yang paling menginspirasi bagi anda ? Jelaskan!

Will be always my grandma. Because its takes a strong heart and will power to survive as a widow in the society at the age of 30 years old and with 7 kids to raise. Her determination , mental strenght, patience , bravery and love she had upon her family and kids had made all her kids a successful ones. Hence i wish i have inherited all the values from her to form my life as well as use it to contribute to the people around me.

3. Apa menu healthy food yang menjadi favorite anda?

White rice with brocoli, bell pepper stirfry and grilled chicken breast with hot souce is always my favaurite menu.

4. Sebutkan salah satu olahraga favorit anda dan kenapa anda memilih olahraga tersebut

Brisk walk or more to less jogging in the morning is my favourite. The reason i love exercise outdoor more than indoor because it make me get connected to the nature and as well as people around me which opens up more interaction with people.

5. Siapa pelaku pageant favorit anda dan mengapa ?

My all time favourite would be Priyanka Chopra Miss World 2000. She is a perfect potray of what is will power and hardwork means in the pageant wolrd. I said such things because , there were such statement claimed as this ‘ During the contest of Miss India “she is too dark to crowned” a jury member allegedly said.’ Perhaps that doesnt stop her from being crowned and shine up till the Miss World Crown sat upon Priyanka”s head. The difference in colour and skin tone doesnt stop anyone who is talented from shining through. Furthermore in an interview with Priyanka, she stated that she is a person who is always evoked when someone said she cant perfrom certain task. According to her it actually fuels her burning will power and pushes her to learn and master things that once said that she is incapable of. ” Im doing this not to prove to others that i can, perhaps im doing it to myself to tell to my soul that i can do this and satisfy my burning eargers” the word that always ecoing in my mind.

6. Destinasi wisata mana di Indonesia dan internasional yang ingin anda kunjungi dalam waktu dekat ini? Kenapa anda memilih destinasi tersebut.

The most intresting unique place that i wanted tp visit is Ka Wae Rebo at Flores in East Nusa Tenggara and for international destination i would like to visit The Himalaya, Nepal. The reason i choose Ka Wae Rebo and The Himalayas are because the richness of culture and the preservation on tradition plus the place where senery is gift for soul and eyes really atracts me. Morever i believe its takes strugles to enjoy the nectar of joy so do adventure that leads in this trail.

7. Seperti apa anda melihat diri anda dalam 10 tahun kedepan?

What im visualing myself in 10 years forward is to be a successful surgeon and at the same time being a motivator giving talk shows to the younger generation in formning a solid package of young leaders of indonesia which can thrive internationally.



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Editor: Araz Raziman