MISS WORLD 2014 FEATURE : Who Should Win The Challenge Events?

As with the past 2 years, Miss World once again features 6 challenge events for this year edition. Out of 6, only the winner of Sports event has been revealed which is Finland. So who do we think should win the other 5 events? Find out in this article!



BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – Isidora Borovcanin

If it was up to us, our sentimental fave to win this event would be Russia. But as the judges have revealed, Russia is unfortunately no longer in the running towards winning this event, so we are forced to pick other winner. Out of the Top 5 picked by the judges, we can envision 2 girls to walk for major fashion events in the future and they are South Sudan and Bosnia & Herzegovina. But as South Sudan has just won the title 2 years ago, we lean towards Bosnia & Herzegovina to win this title. With one of the most beautiful face in the competition and a supermodel appeal, she would be a good choice for this title.



KENYA – Idah Nguma

So far only contestants from Europe and America continent have ever won this title. But this year could be a major historic change for this event as 3 out of the Top 5 come from outside Europe or America. And we agree it’s time for an Asian or African girl to be crowned as the queen of the beach. Our sentimental fave to win this time is Kenya. One of the most beautiful black African contestant this year, her gorgeous indigenous African feature was initially ignored by fans, but not from the keen eyes of judges. We hope this ebony goddess would walk away with the title to show and prove the world that beauty indeed exists in all forms and colors.



MALAYSIA – Dewi Liana Seriestha

Though her talent is no other different nor exceptionally new than the previous songstress winners of this event, we can’t deny that this girl is talented. Operatic performances are usually favored in Miss World and therefore we predict a victory for her in the X-Factor styled sing-off against fellow singer Scotland at the final.



NETHERLANDS – Tatjana Maul

On paper, India seems to be on the road to score a hattrick for this event with her constant and interesting updates on her social media platforms. But somehow we doubt the judges would give a three-peat victory for India as it would make this event become too predictable. Hence we suspect the next best girl, which in our opinion is Netherlands, to snatch the title. Balancing her posts between her activities in the contest, her dream and passion for the future, and her personal life story, this girl’s social media is one that you would surely love to follow.



INDONESIA – Maria Sastrayu Rahajeng

As we have stated in our previous article, we really think she should win this title not because she is our representative, but because her project is really incredible and inspirational. Follow the link to our previous article to find out why we think she deserves this prestigious merit.