MISS WORLD 2014 FEATURE : The Leaderboard

This is it! After 25 days of intense battle, only one will stand triumphant over 120 other nations in the world. Tonight one very lucky girl will win the most coveted and prestigious title of pageantry world. The million dollars question would be who she is. In this article, we try to take a sneak peek into the future and find the answer for the question. As per Miss World tradition, we will begin our journey in reversed order.

TOP 20

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Somehow every time we see her the first words that come to our mind is “black magic woman”, an alluring lady with a sense of bewitching mystery. With a strong presence on the catwalk and a face to die for, she is also our top bet for the Top Model title.

One of the most successful South American nation in the recent year and a finalist for the important Beauty with a Purpose event. She is not as strong nor as beautiful as her vivacious blonde predecessor last year but her performance so far is still strong enough to make the cut.

If only she did not win Sports event, we may never include her in this list. But the points garnered from her winning may catapult her into this hallowed elite group of 20.

At the beginning of this contest no one would pick her as the one to beat from Caribbean region. But after the competition kicks off she is getting stronger and stronger and we suspect she may outperform her fellow Caribbean contestants and win the Miss World Caribbean title this year.

She seems like a sure bet for winning the Talent event with her golden operatic voice and just like Finland, the points garnered from her winning may be her golden ticket to make the cut.

We love this girl! Smart, charming, bubbly, and fresh-looking. She is now in a good position after securing a placement in two events, one of which we suspect she may end up as the winner, and her Oxford debate presentation promises a good interview score for her.

Though her performance right now is not as strong as her predecessor last year, we think she will still be able to break the decade long curse of Miss World where the nation that prevailed as the victor in the previous year will end up clapping hard in the upcoming year. She also seems like a possible winner for the People’s Choice voting which will grant her an automatic entry to semifinal.

One of the best blonde this year and also one of the British girls. In the recent year, there are usually two British girls who make the semifinal list and she is a strong possibility to earn one of those two “The Charm of Being British” tickets.

South Sudan
Since its debut in 2012, this country has rocked the Miss World stage in a good way, especially in Top Model event where they already had three consecutive placements. With her towering height and exotic skin tone, this girl was initially the second best African girl in our list but as the events result revealed, she was pushed back by one other girl and now in our third place for Africa continent.

Surprise … surprise! The real dark horse of the competition, she comes out of nowhere and suddenly becomes a new favorite after unexpectedly securing a Top 5 finish in two events. As this girl seems charming and nice, we consider this turn of event as a pleasant one.


TOP 10

This nation actually once had a strong performance in Miss World and they even nail a Second Runner Up finish in 1967. This year the hope to resurrect the glory seems to finally come true after they crown a worthy contender. And she clearly does not disappoint her nation with her strong performance so far and a very possible Top 10 finish.

Ever since she was competing in her national contest, she has been our fave. When she won the title in her nation, we screamed in joy. So no wonder that we favor her to place high in this contest. She is another girl who has made Top 5 finish in two events and this girl seems to be fated to become the one who finally gives a placement for her country at Miss World.

Our nation bet at this year Miss World … Yay! Many international fans consider her the best representative we ever had in this contest, and we have to agree. She is a very charismatic, smart, fashionable, and genuine lady with a warm and affectionate smile that will make everyone falls in love with her. She has, in our opinion, the most daring and challenging Beauty with a Purpose project, and her Oxford debate speech also shows that she is very articulate and eloquent in English. Win or lose … this girl has made us proud. Very very proud!

This girl is currently the second best African in our list, removing SOuth Sudan into third place after her strong performance in two critical events, Beach fashion and Beauty with a Purpose. She is also our sentimental fave to win Beach fashion event as we would really love to see a black African goddess crowned as the most beautiful “beach-worthy” body in the world.

United States
Though we never have her in our fave list, her strong performance so far indicates that she will place in the final. We still think her inclusion in the final would be a political one though. After years not having a proper national contest to pick a delegate for them in United States, Miss World finally owns one this year. By giving a spot for United States, they will increase their national contest popularity in United States and encourage more girls to enter the contest.



Aside from the advantage of being the host delegate, this girl is also a clear Miss World prototype, a lady-like figure with aristocratic vibe, strong communication skill, respectable education background, and philanthropic dedication. No doubt she would place very high in the final. If only she has a more beautiful face, perhaps one like her predecessor in 2011, she could end up as the big winner on the final night.

The strongest and the most beautiful girl from American continent. Her main competitors for Miss World Americas title would be United States who is backed up with strong communication skills and political advantage. But we still root this girl to come on top for her continent. Also after the first ever Filipino winner last year, it could be the first ever Mexican winner this year.

A living Barbie doll, this girl’s face is this year equivalent of the angelic divine face of Ukraine from last year. If facial beauty is the only criteria to judge Miss World, she will easily win this one. But as much as we love her, we still doubt that she is the compete package that Miss World is looking for. So while we are sure of her high placement in the competition, we still don’t think she ends up on the top.



This down under nation clearly has found a perfect recipe for Miss World since it is handled by a new national director in 2011. Beauty comes first in those recipe of course, but they also inject it with freshness, spontaneousness, and bubbliness. In other words, the new Australian queens are “Beauty with Personality”. This recipe has been proven with a great result so far and this year, we think, would be no exception. Beauty will make you go far but beauty with personality will make you go even further.



Despite her second place position in this prediction, we won’t be surprised if India won. It has been a long time, 14 years to be exact, since this global pageant powerhouse country wins a Miss World crown and at times fans start to wonder if India has lost its lustre. But this year, they finally find a girl that can bring back all those glory. A fave since her victory at national contest, this girl cemented her mega fave status by placing at 5 events, more than any other girls in the competition. The only thing that makes us put her as second best is her public speaking skill as shown during Oxford debate. it was not bad but it was not as great as some of the previous Indian Miss World titleholders who were famous for their superb communication skill.



South Africa
Imagine this headline on newspapers around the world – “A test tube baby is crowned Miss World!”. Yes that would be a sensational publicity for the newly crowned Miss World, right? But publicity aside, this girl is a clear choice for winner this year. She has a gorgeous face, one of the most important requirement to become a beauty queen, and she is a complete package as she shows by placing in 4 events and speaking colossally superb at Oxford debate. Miss World’s close connection with South Africa and Nelson Mandela will also be an advantage for her. The stars of fate have aligned to favor her position in this contest and tonight we will witness if those constellation charts will result in a blue crown for her?