MISS WORLD 2014 FEATURE : Our Fave Top Models

Last week Miss World Organization has released the shortlist of 20 beautiful contenders for this year Top Model title. And while the final say will belong to the actual judges, here we try to put ourselves in their shoes and pick our personal fave Top Models. After some deliberation, here are the countdown of our fave Top Models for 2014!


Our fifth fave Top Model is MEXICO – Daniela Alvarez
Our fourth fave Top Model is INDIA – Koyal Rana
Our third fave Top Model is SOUTH SUDAN – Awien Agoth
Our second fave Top Model is SOUTH AFRICA – Rolene Strauss

And now it is time to meet the top of our choice, the ultimate one, which is …

Our ultimate fave Top Model is RUSSIA – Anastasia Kostenko


Any of these 5 girls would be a worthy winner of Top Model winner, but Russia slightly edges the other 4 as our fave Top Model. Just look at her picture, you can sense that she is a supermodel in the making. She has great posture, charismatic presence, and ultimately that divine face, all the ever important ingredients to make the cut in modeling industry. Perhaps 3 or 4 years from now, don’t be surprised to see her following her fellow Russian beauty queen to embrace the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!