Final Leaderboard Miss Universe 2017


One of the most awaited beauty pageant in the Universe is almost over.

Here is the final prediction of Miss Universe 2017 by Indonesian Pageants
Crown Alert ! (In random order)

Maria has never failed to amaze in the competition. Her regal presence and performance have made her a head turner in this competition. Along with her country fans’ support, she’s definitely in the “crown alert” category.

This powerhouse country never stops producing amazing beauty queens. Keysi has definitely prepared herself from head to toe and always looks great. Of course she’s great, she Miss Venezuela.

South Africa
Before the competition even began, Demi has already made herself a star and always topped the prediction list. She’s very likable and we believe she can surpass Melinda Bam’s injustice placement in this competition.

Besides being beautiful, you need to be brainy. Kara definitely meets those requirements to crack into our “crown alert”. With the amazing record of USA placement in Miss Universe, Kara will definitely continue it and eventually reach the top.

If you have to name another famous flower from Indonesia besides Rafflesia, Bunga Jelita Ibrani is certainly in our mind. She shows her consistency in the competition. Her on-point styling, her warm personality along with her fans’ massive support, we highly believe it’s time for Indonesia to bag their first crown.

Top 10
Philippines is in the house! Rachel really shows everybody why Philippines is the powerhouse in beauty pageants. She cannot be ignored in every activity. Her hard work along with her country’s massive support will be beneficial to her in the competition.

This Russian goddess is one of the strong contenders from Europe. Ksenia looks amazing and she really earns the spot in our prediction.

Colombia has consistenly sent goddesses this past 3 years in Miss Universe and we predict Laura will land at least in the top 10.

Iris has set the high bar for the next Miss France in the competition. This year, we believe Alicia will continue the placement in Miss Universe.

Miss Universe is now about empowering women and Lilian really fits that slogan. She is really inspiring and her strong story really brings her to our top 10 prediction.

Top 16 :
Roxette is very edgy and shows that beauty queens can come in any shape and style.

Her look is very striking and her performance is enough to bring her in our list.

This year Miss Universe will give 4 placements for Europe and Sofia will be highly included in that list.

Never underestimate India in beauty pageant. Her preliminary performance really tells everybody that she’s still in the game.

If we have to name another strong contender from Europe, Germany is in our mind without second thought.

We strongly believe that Lauren will continue the success of Siera Bearchell in Miss Universe this year.

Writer: Lauwardy