Final Leaderboard Miss International 2017

This is our Final Leaderboard for Miss International 2017 held in Japan and they are: 
1. South Africa
2. Venezuela
3. Colombia
4. Lithuania
5. Japan
6. Indonesia
7. Curacao
8. Mexico
9. Czech Republic
10. Nepal
11. Korea
12. Netherlands
13. Philippines
14. Canada
15. Panama
South Africa is in our top pick in this Miss International 2017 season because of her performance in the competition plus she is Miss International material.
Venezuela is our second choice and no doubt about Venezuela record in Miss International is always good. Another Edymar Martinez in the making? 
She can give a good fight while in the competition and having beauty feature indeed! Yes we are talking about Senorita Colombia in our top three.
Lithuania is next! She might be the dark horse this season of Miss International.
And in the top five is for Japan… Miss Japan has been always ‘something’ in the entire show with her chic style. Her sense of fashion is one to beat! Plus Japan is very pretty and can be a good competitor as well.
In the top 6, we have Indonesia who is very sweet and silent killer. Fact said that japanese people like her. We think Kevin is always on point in every event and always shining. Keep gaining momentum Kevin!
writer: Andree Tama