Final Leaderboard Miss Grand International 2017 by Indonesian Pageants

This is our final leaderboard for Miss Grand International 2017 by judging to these beauties who possibly shine on stage tonight! Here’s our Top 20:
1. Peru
2. Netherlands
3. India
4. Indonesia
5. Thailand
6. South sudan
7. Philippines
8. Venezuela
9. Ukraine
10. Vietnam
11. Jamaica
12. Puerto rico
13. Aussie
14. Laos
15. USA
16. Czech rep
17. Ecuador
18. Mexico
19. Argentina
20. Colombia
By seeing their performances, we can say Peru is leading the pack with her strong aura, swimsuit & evening gown competition and maybe this time Peru is going to take the golden crown. The Netherlands is so hard to be ignored by her charm, also India is look so stunning and classy on stage. While Indonesia is on fire! She’s very well spoken with her bubbly personality. Also her consistency and determination during the competition is a top note. Meanwhile, Thailand is going to slay the stage with her fabulous outfit and presence. 
Writer: Andretama
Leaderboard: Aditya Yasmin
Posted by Araz