63rd Miss Universe : The Leaderboard

In a “never happen and never imagined” before situation, Miss Universe Organization failed to organize an edition in its respective year. For the first time ever in the 63 years history of the pageant, 20014 became the year with no Miss Universe edition at all, and it’s not until the first month of 2015 when the supposedly 2014 edition was finally held. That is why this edition is simply called “63rd Miss Universe” without any specific year attached to it. Regardless, we finally have a contest, 88 beautiful contestants, and one new crown for a new Queen. But who will be the lucky ones in the final? Here is our bold and dare prediction!

The Leaderboard
1 Spain
2 Colombia
4 Ukraine
5 Jamaica
6 Philippines
7 Ecuador
8 Australia
9 Argentina
10 Venezuela
11 India
12 Indonesia
13 Brazil
14 South Africa
15 Russia

Let’s begin the journey from our very own Asia continent. The top of the crop from the orient this year are without doubt India, Indonesia, and Philippines. With a slight advantage, both performance wise and political wise, Philippines seems to be the Asian delegate with the best shot at winning the new crown. After 4 straight years teasing the pageant fanatic country with a “that’s so close!” placement, Miss Universe may finally go for the climax and give the victory to them. But don’t count out the other two strong Asian delegates yet. With preliminary performances that garner rave reviews from many fans and experts alike, both India and Indonesia are poised to make the cut as well.

Moving to neighboring Oceania, the only delegate with a good shot at placement is Australia. One of the best blonde this year and with a vivacious freshness that has become a trend from Australian delegates in various pageants lately, she could bring back her country to semifinal glory after a snub last year.

African batch this year seems to be as weak as last year batch and we would not be too surprised if there is no African delegate in the final again. This situation is of course a big disappointment because two of these African beauties are Runner Up at another Grand Slam pageants and we expect them to make a bang here. However it seems that their magic dust has ceased to work since they first stepped to Doral. But we make a gamble here and bet that South Africa will fill one spot in the semifinal. Even that she comes as a last minute replacement, she worked really hard these past 3 weeks and at this point she is the only African delegate with a realistic shot at making the semifinal list.

Now into the old continent Europe. We always love the classic and striking beauty offered by women from this continent, but from year to year, they generally seem to lack spirit and energy required to make splash in Miss Universe. It’s so sad to see these Goddesses faded too soon for not living up to their own facial beauty. Sadly that seems to be the case this year. With an abundant of beauties to choose from, we predict only 3 or 4 European contestants make the cut this time. Spain and Ukraine are the best and should be the locked choices for semifinal grid. And if there’s another spot for European delegate, we think Russia and her spectacularly expensive Elie Saab gown should earn it, based on her own merit and also as a ‘thank you’ for playing the host last year.

So that leaves us with the traditional powerhouses of Miss Universe, the America and Caribbean region, especially the Latin speaking ones. We have like 10 up to 15 strong contestants from this region lining up for the semifinal spot, all are deserving, but of course not all will make the cut. With the spectacular and possibly the Top 2 best performance in the preliminary, Colombia and Jamaica should easily breeze to the spotlight. As both an American citizen and a Latina descent, there is no way USA will be omitted from the final rooster. Argentina is the dark horse that surprise everyone on the preliminary and catapult herself into a strong contender now. Two countries that make Top 5 finish last year, Ecuador and Brazil are also performing strongly this year. And finally, despite all the critics and doubts, the one and only Venezuela will still enjoy the spotlight for another year.

So who will be the winner? If it is up to us, we really wish it was Colombia. Guess everyone is agree that Colombia gave the performance of her life during the preliminary, a performance that drew thunderous praises from pageant fans and experts around the world. However, as recent trend shows that the best girl from the preliminary somehow never ends up with the crown, we opt to put her in the second place and pick Spain as the winner. Another strong contender for the crown, she is the perfect opportunity for Miss Universe to finally recognize another European as the most most confidently beautiful girl in the universe. With her victory, Miss Universe will accomplish two things at once, a long awaited European winner (the last one was dethroned in 2002) who still looks and speaks like a Latina (the strongest Miss Universe fan base). What a perfect combination, right?