Mr World 2014 Leaderboard

This year only 46 contestants compete at Mr World 2014, a step back compared to the 48 contestants at the previous edition. However in the terms of quality, this batch has a significant improvement with more than half of the batch deserve a spot in the Top 10. However, just like the judges of the Final, we can only pick 10 for the Leaderboard, and after a series of careful examination, our choice is down to these 10 gentlemen …

The Leaderboard
1. Netherlands
2. Philippines
3. Mexico
4. Moldova
5. Peru
6. Italy
7. Brazil
8. Denmark
9. England
10. Bahamas

From the 10 spots, half of them will be given to the Fast Track winners. We already have one winner, Moldova, who secured his placement after showing his athletic prowess at Extreme Challenge Fast Track. Bahamas is a likely winner of Sports Fast Track for winning two rounds in the particular competition – the sailing and the shot putt. History has taught us that Miss World Organization loves singing act and as a former X-Factor contestant, England is the prime candidate to win Talent Fast Track. For Multimedia Fast Track, we predict Netherlands or Mexico to prevail as the winner. The last Fast Track – Fashion & Style – is a tricky one as style is always a subjective matter. But we dare to make a bold prediction that Italy or Philippines gonna nail this award.

Aside from the Fast Track winners, some other contestants also have a strong chance to place with a combination of their charisma, personality, athleticism, and good looks. Denmark has one of the brightest personality in the group and is very eloquent and charismatic. Brazil wins his national contest with a record-breaking score in the interview round. He also has one of the hunkiest body in the batch. While Peru, who was initially negligible, grows day by day to become a hot fave. This man has shown that he is equally talented and athletic by placing in the Talent semifinal and winning the penalty kick round for Sports. He could be the dark horse who suddenly (and deservingly) snatch the big prize from the mega faves.

Now the big question is .. who will be “the Most Desirable Man in the World” for 2014? Based on the traits and quality possessed by previous winners, we can conclude that the winner of Mr World is typically a charming, healthy, and talented man with a bright personality. Other qualities such as handsome face or sculpted six-pack abs are also considered but not the main factors in deciding the winner. based on those criteria, the fight to finish line seems to be a close and tight battle between Netherlands, Philippines, Mexico, and Moldova. Any of them would be a great winner but our hunch says that Netherlands and Philippines will stand as the Final 2 this time.

Mr World 2014 Final will be aired in less than 12 hours. Tune on Mr World official Youtube account to find out who will be Mr World 2014?