Rest in Peace Craig Strickland

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IP turut bersedih atas hal yang saat ini dirasakan oleh Helen Wisner Strickland, Miss Arkansas USA 2014. Sang suami, Craig Strickland dinyatakan hilang dalam peristiwa badai yang terjadi di Oklahoma beberapa hari lalu, sekarang menemui titik terang.

Jasad Craig Strickland akhirnya ditemukan di Oklahoma. Craig dinyatakan hilang setelah badai terjadi saat ia dan rekannya tengah berburu di Oklahoma. Jasad rekannya ditemukan lebih dulu, sementara jasad Craig ditemukan beberapa saat lalu.

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Kesediah Helen ia tuangkan dalam akun instagram milik pribadinya, bait-bait tulisan melihatkan kesedihan yang sangat dalam, berikut kutipan yang IP dapatkan dari instagram Helen.

helenelizabethstricklandCraig was found today. “We can finally rest knowing that he is at Home in Heaven with his Father. The night of the accident he had fought his way out of the water and up a hill before the stages of hypothermia set in. He experienced no pain in his final moments and simply felt like he was falling asleep. They found him lying in the shape of a cross looking up to his Father. Thank you to every single person who prayed for him and our family during this time. There was not a more peaceful way for him to go into the arms of our Lord, and I know your prayers had a role in making that happen. I know he saw Jesus at that moment when he laid down and walked arm in arm with Him into a better Everlasting Life. I love you with all my heart Craig Michael” #craigstrickland

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“We were unable to locate Craig Strickland today. However, we are able to stay positive after conducting an interesting experiment to see if waders actually cause a person to sink. Since Craig was most likely wearing his waders it would be helpful to know what actually happens when a duck hunter falls into the water. Craig’s friend put on the same style waders Craig wore last Sunday and tested it’s buoyancy in the hotel pool. From this experiment we can conclude that Craig may have actually floated after the boat was capsized.
Our family wants to thank Craig’s friends Garthe Goodwin, Ryan Ney, Brandon James and Jake Terry who have not stopped trying to do everything possible to find Craig. Thank you for being willing to try this experiment to answer more questions for our family”. #powerofprayer

IP turut berduka cita yang sedalam-dalamnya. Semoga sang istri, Helen Wisner-Strickland (Miss Arkansas USA 2014) dan keluarga diberi ketabahan dan kekuatan oleh Tuhan.