Final Leaderboard for Miss Supranational 2017 by Indonesian Pageants

The final grand slam this year is finally reaching their final. Here are the girls whom we think will enter the list and reach the top.

Crown alert

1. Indonesia
Her presence cannot be ignored during the competition. She truly enjoyed the competition and most importantly being herself throughout the journey.

2. Colombia
Never ever look down on Colombia in beauty pageants ! After bagging 1st runner up in Miss Universe, we’re sure the streak will continue in Miss Supranational.

3. Poland
This European goddess truly shows us she’s in to win it.

4. Ethiopia
This African queen really caught our eyes in this competition. May luck be in her favor for the crown.

5. Philippines
Philippines has been doing great in pageants and this girl is in it to grab the second crown for her country.

Top 10
6. Brazil
We love this girl and we can see her in the top 10 position.

This girl has been doing great and she has a huge chance to be in top 10.

8. Korea
Another Asian stunner who has great personality and performance. This veteran has tried her best and she deserves to be in our list.

9. Spain
This girl has something that makes us put her in the list without second thought.

10. Vietnam
Asian country has so many great girls in this year competition and Vietnam is one of them.

11. India
It’s quite hard to win after your country has bagged 2 crowns within 4 years. However, we have high hopes for this girl.

12. Panama
She shows us that Latinas are strong contenders in beauty pageants.

13. Mexico
After the failure to place in Miss Universe, we trust this girl will ‘avenge’ that.

14. Slovak Rep.
Miss Supra has bern known to notice European girls highly and we think this girl is also within their radar.

15. South Africa
After Demi Leigh, this girl will also make her country proud in Miss Supra.

Ecuador, Serbia, Thailand, Czech Republic and Puerto Rico have the fighting spirits and they deserve to be in our top 20.

Belarus, Myanmar, Wales, Netherland and Namibia have showcased great effort and conclude our top 25.

Writer: Lauwardy