Speaking about who is going to win the crown tonight, we have our final leaderboard for Miss Earth 2017 pageant which held in The Philippines and here they are:

  1. Venezuela
  2. Thailand
  3. Ecuador
  4. Philippines
  5. Netherlands
  6. Puertorico
  7. USA
  8. Colombia
  9. Australia
  10. Russia
  11. Vietnam
  12. Angola
  13. Indonesia
  14. Honduras
  15. Ukraine
  16. Panama

The reason why we put Venezuela in the top list because she can manage to look beautiful during the competition. Venezuela is there to win it!

Behind her, we have Thailand who might be the asian pride this year. She can easily stands out from the others with her smile and gorgeous physical appearance.

Not forget to mention Ecuador in the top three. She’s beautiful even with no make up and we can see her potential to go far.

The philippines is doing really well during the competition and the challenge. We wont be surprise if she locked up in the top five. We also can say that The Netherlands is the strongest from europe region and she deserves it.

As for Indonesia, we can see her effort to shine and not forget to mention that she is a good speaker, smart and she can speak four languages. She is beautiful inside out! We wish you all the best result