Beauty in Hijab Competition 2016

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Because beauty comes from within, sparks through your pesonality. So, for all beautiful Hijabers, it’s your time to shine!. INDONESIAN PAGEANTS mempersembahkan “Beauty in Hijab” Photo Competition 2016.

Tag dan share ke keluarga, saudara, sahabat, teman hijabers kamu. Syarat dan ketentuannya seperti dibawah ini :

The requirements
1. Theme: “Stylish but Syar’i”.
2. Girls (Indonesian) from 16-25 years old. (Proven by copy ID card or student card).
3. Has ideal height and weight. (Height min. 160 cm).
4. The photo must be close up and full body. It can be indoor or outdoor, studio photo or high resolution cell phone (the participant may take photo from mobile phone camera as long as the resolution is high and clear, please no selfie photo).
5. Create your own photoshoot concept.
6. We will pick top 15 best photos, then decide top 5.
7. All participants who make to the top 15 must make a short speech video less than 1 minute. Share your idea about “how do you define beauty in hijab”, then upload in youtoube using format: Name_City_Beauty in Hijab 2016_Indonesian Pageants.
8. Awards: Winner, Runner up 1, Runner up 2, Favorite, Best Social Media.
9. Please submit all photos and document to, subject: Name_City_Beauty in Hijab 2016_Participant, please also write your brief resume (Please also mention your clothing size) in the body email.
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Facebook: Zakiah Hijab Solution, Instagram : @ZakiahHijab,
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11. Submit your hijab photo latest 23rd of July 2016

For information & submission:

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